Hot Dog Eating Contest

Hot Dog Eating Contest May 2012 photoOn Memorial Day our very own, Mike Hamborsky and his buddy Nick Salerno took on the Dobbs Dawg House Eating Challenge.  The rules are simple…if you and a partner can eat all of our 24 specialty hot dogs in less then 1 hour, you both will take home a bunch of great Dawg House gear, get your names on our “Wall of Top Dawgs”, be refunded the cost of the 24 hot dogs, and of course major (major!) bragging rights.  Mike and Nick spent days training for the challenge, eating through each of the hot dogs, strategizing, and loving every bite.  In the minutes leading up to the Eating Challenge, adrenaline was high and Mike and Nick were anxious to conquer the challenge.  The guys made a valiant effort and were able to eat through 12 of the specialty hot dogs.  The Challenge might have gotten the best of them this time but Mike and Nick have every intention to take on this Eating Challenge again another day.

The Dobbs Dawg House Eating Challenge is open to all and any persons brave and bold enough to eat 24 hot dawgs and become a “Top Dawg”.

See you soon,
Jeff & Rob